Dreadful app, frequent spam that when reported no activity are taken up prevent the sender

Dreadful app, frequent spam that when reported no activity are taken up prevent the sender

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Dreadful app, frequent spam that when reported no activity are taken up prevent the sender

Terrible software, continuous junk e-mail that when reported no action try taken up block the transmitter. We significantly think the spam is Grindr backed because whilst a subscribing user no motion nor responses try used on grievances

Even worse gay app

Worse gay application. Don’t use it. Save your valuable times. They are banning pages randomly and will not supply you with the explanation. This is certainly a bit of $****t application. I happened to be blocked for no need except turning all the way down a man that had gotten butthurt. Steer clear of this were not successful app. Boycott this scummy app.

grindr try full scams we a€¦

grindr try full cons I got blackmail on here by some body we wise qrindr about this they were maybe not curious to aid me personally whatsoever I would never ever return back on there my pointers keep away

Grindr provides zero dependable customera€¦

Grindr provides zero dependable customer care, there’s absolutely no control of artificial reports or regulation on few reports that are attached with a right up address or phone number, consistently come spamed by DM to additional phony internet , members in search of medications or providing medications available, as well as other personal treatments for money, additionally users who make use of Grindr to encourage naive victims to connecting on exterior programs like KIK where the naive guy is actually questioned to send XXX picture exhibiting specific position these individuals next send back snap-shot of this men whole face publication profile and their associates with all the danger to cover all of them 10k or his picture will be provided for everyone on their FB communications listing. Grindr has no power over security of and keeping people safer on software, discover hardly any authentic men on grindr but it is ripe with ignorance, discrimination, rudeness, and folks exactly who show or have little regard or regard toward most of the real who are suffering this application, Grindr should eliminate blank profiles to make placing face photo on visibility compulsory, and also ensureing that a profile is not left in total.

There’s absolutely no customer care

There is absolutely no customer support . They e-mail you as soon as with tips to simply take for say a dangling cellphone number(since you happened to be dangling with no reasons before ) for you yourself to make another membership . The problem is obtaining these to return along with you. When you would whatever tips recommended . Hate Grindr . Oriented all the way down and going truth be told there Fast

Banned with no cause.

Blocked with no explanation. cannot also generate a unique profile. worst team actually

Please boycott

Please boycott I didna€™t need because of the lockdown as directed but then had been blocked wona€™t state why or get back emails leta€™s all avoid utilizing this waste !They think the homosexual area is a simple target and will simply exclude you and accuse you of something only stop deploying it kindly

Utter waste you get most spammera€¦

Utter rubbish you receive extra spammer communications promoting sex treatments or suggesting to go to this website or that site. Funny sufficient you document all of them and admin do-nothing anyone would think that Grindr are now actually giving these hyperlinks since they are trying to make revenue by providing websites etc. Bunch of freaks on this site furthermore nobody satisfy. Dreadful app total waste of time ADMIN total co je yubo rubbish I do not think they also exist if truthful

Unpleasant Pigs

I’m so mad at this time I could just cry. The people on this software include pigs. Ignorant, ridiculous, disgusting and fake wastes of room!

Exactly why you may be thinking. Because guys on this software tend to be deluded. Coimpletely out of their minds.They will state a very important factor after which do the reverse. Spend time acting like they give a damn in regards to you and both disregard you or block your. Your act as honest, your try to be a great, sincere individual and after that you see blocked or disregarded. The individuals on here play video games. That is all of the carry out and that I want you to understand that you have earned better than this time throwing away rubbish. You are entitled to are liked.

Taking walks crime corp Antigay application

Walking crime app. This app have massive violated criminal activities created all over it caution to individual avoid this app extreme caution this is certainly my evaluation was right here not to incorporate but to alert you this software is a. Criminal bloodstream on there hands Re: A Walking criminal activity software. This application possess big violated crimes created all-over it caution to consumer don’t use this software

i never ever familiar with envision being gay is aa€¦

i never accustomed consider getting homosexual got a mental disease until I spent a few days on grindr nowadays I’m not thus yes. their be of a fetish app subsequently a gay dating website and quite honestly its freaking disgusting.. i cannot carry on there without some weirdo looking to get us to need s*x together with his chair, or some other mentally sick person desiring me to force them to eat their poop, or stop all of them inside b*lls 400 days in 20 minutes together with one which helped me quit grindr once and for all was actually the guy seeking individuals to donate used rubbers so he could freeze the c*m and put into their a**hole later.. which is sick and f*cked up.. I’m only trying to date some one causing all of united states regular everyone shouldn’t have to be exposed to this stuffl.. perform your self a benefit and delete this application even though you nonetheless can cuz the one and only thing you will discover on it was diseases and crazy everyone. like I mentioned I never ever believed becoming gay got a mental sickness but after finding grindr I’m simply not sure bout that any longer but a factor is obvious I am able to understand why more and more people believe that it is a mental diseases.. after all god damn simply continue grindr for an hour and you’ll see what What i’m saying is and why men think because of this.. if you are looking for m*th, hiv, stds and ridiculous folks that want you to force these to devour unique poop then grindr will be the software for your needs

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