The trick Enneagram of Gurdjieff and its particular link to Common Vortex Math

The trick Enneagram of Gurdjieff and its particular link to Common Vortex Math

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The trick Enneagram of Gurdjieff and its particular link to Common Vortex Math

In the geometry, a keen enneagram is actually a 9-directed jet shape.

is just about the symbol out-of Gurdjieff, just like the Goodness as well as the mix but Gurdjieff produced zero regard to it within his trilogy:»The and Everything» («Beelzebub’s Reports in order to His Grandson», «Group meetings with Remarkable Guys», plus the cover of one’s 3rd Show)!

The new Enneagram happens to begin with out-of P. D. Ouspensky’s «Looking for the fresh new Miracle», Part 14 where Gurdjieff offered an effective lecture appearing which symbol. This was before the beginning of your own Institute with the Harmonious Development of Son inside Fontainebleau and also the composing off Beelzebub’s Reports. Subsequently it has been lengthened abreast of of the millions of people since the a tool from religious innovation. A large world has changed on study of its intersecting outlines, specifically in brand new mapping out-of 9 personality items (randomly chosen) in addition to their interactions. Of numerous are extremely rich providing presentations, drawing diagrams, and you may acting as practitioners in these degree that have end up being associated towards the enneagram, called the Enneagram_of_Character from the Wikipedia, that was increased regarding Gurdjieff by Oscar Ichazo and you can Helen Palmer. This new Fourth Ways Enneagram when you look at the Wikipedia performs next fiddle in order to it today. It will be the Ouspensky and you may John Grams. Bennett followers just who make use of this identity, nonetheless it is going to be truthfully called the Gurdjieff Enneagram. This new therefore-entitled ‘scientific’ studies of the «Next Way Enneagram» that attempt to expect situations utilizing the half a dozen vectors out of the fresh recurring es from chance.

Astrology currently features 12 products, however they are of one’s essence, whereas such 9 sizes regarding the Enneagram_of_Personality attempt to chart the new personality. The new character is just the fresh phony design fruzo we perform so you can protect all of our substance in the globe. Ultimately, this study regarding personalities was a waste of amount of time in the building off a soul, that’s oriented upon substance. You will be able that this knowledge was helpful in new manipulation of other people who don’t have a clue which they have an essence, however, clearly provides zero mission in order to your religious gains.

The trick Enneagram out-of Gurdjieff and its own link to Common Vortex Math

Whenever i look at this excerpt, We considered me personally, that it need to be an error and it is «Sevenfoldness» such as the brand new «Rules away from Heptaparaparshinokh», particularly in the brand new framework of your own 7 notes from the octave. If this try supposed to be none other than resource towards the 9 circumstances of the Enneagram, it’s uncommon, because the novel profile most contains 7 lines you to privately relate genuinely to the latest continual quantitative as the office by seven. One other a few things are from the interior triangle that’s tend to put aside.

It is probably be the said ‘Law regarding Ninefoldness’ pertains to help you one thing more complex than the Enneagram and you may wasn’t understood of the Gurdjieff in the course of their composing. It «Legislation out of Ninefoldness» most likely refers to the recently discover (or shall I say remembered) Vortex Mathematics in fact it is shown in this lecture. In the Vortex Math the quantity nine keeps a unique dating, such as, one of several properties of 9 would be the fact if it’s placed into a variety, it provides one to same base count:

  • 1+9=ten and therefore reduces to one+0 and that means(==) step 1
  • 8+9=17=1+7=8
  • 12,345 (1+2+3+4+5=15=6==12,345+9=twelve,354 that’s step 1+2+3+5+4=15=six
  • ..

It is critical to observe that the procedure of «reduction», once the made use of while in the it presentation, is to create all the digits greater than 9 together showing the substance since the step one-nine. This is a common practice into the Numerology.

The quantity is additionally printed in brand new cosmos: diameter of your own earth: 7920 miles (7+9+2+0 = 18 = 9), square foot = 144 ins, cubic legs 1728 in, rectangular turf=1296 in, (multiply from the ten was 12960 and 12960 many years (half of your precession of your own equinoxes twenty-five,920 decades), community 360 stages, rectangular ninety values x 4 = 360 level, equilateral triangle sixty degrees x step 3 =180 amount, pentagon= 108 x 5= 540 amounts (gold nuclear pounds 108), pyramid truncation cuatro x 180 level = 720 levels, cube 6 x 360 = 2160 stages

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